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Heaven-Sent Companions Poems

A Friend from Above
From realms unseen, a friend was sent, to guide my path on earth,
A guardian true, with heart so pure, a bond of endless worth.
In trials faced and moments graced, their presence ever near,
With gentle hand and loving heart, they quell each rising fear.
Though unseen eyes, their spirit flies, to lift me when I fall,
A friend from above, with boundless love, my comfort through it all.

Heaven’s Companion
In whispers soft, I feel their touch, an angel’s sweet caress,
A friend from realms beyond the stars, to aid in my distress.
Their light shines through the darkest night, a beacon ever bright,
Guiding me with love’s own strength, through every daunting fight.
Though earthly ties may fade with time, their essence stays with me,
A friend from above, in endless love, my soul’s eternity.

Guardian’s Embrace
From heaven’s heights, a friend descends,
With love and light, our hearts to mend.
In times of joy, in times of woe,
This angel’s presence, we surely know.
A whisper soft, a gentle touch,
Their guidance means so very much.
When darkness falls, they shine a light,
Bringing comfort through the night.
Though unseen, their love is near,
A celestial bond, forever dear.
In dreams they come, their wisdom shared,
To show us how much they have cared.
Through trials hard, they help us stand,
Our dearest friend, with a guiding hand.
From above, they watch and pray,
Protecting us in every way.
Their presence felt, though far away,
In our hearts, they’ll always stay.
A friend from above, pure and true,
With every breath, we cherish you.

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