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Delve into Duality and Tragedy with Smeagol in Poignant Poems

In the shadowy depths of Mordor, where darkness reigns supreme, lies the tortured soul of Smeagol. A pitiful creature consumed by the power of the One Ring, his inner battle between good and evil echoes through the caverns of his mind. Will he succumb to the Ring’s twisted allure, or will a glimmer of hope guide him towards redemption? Explore the haunting verses inspired by Smeagol’s plight and immerse yourself in the tragic tale of a once innocent hobbit turned wretched creature.

Conflict and Obsession:
Smeagol’s mind, a twisted fight,
Obsession’s grip, day and night.
Precious whispers in his ear,
Driving madness, feeding fear.

Duality and Strife:
Smeagol battles Gollum’s voice,
In his heart, there is no choice.
Torn between the dark and light,
A tragic figure in the night.

Loss and Longing:
Longing for the ring he lost,
Paying dearly for the cost.
Smeagol’s tale, a sorrowed plight,
Shadows cast in endless night.

Smeagol’s Tragedy
In shadows deep, where rivers flow,
Smeagol’s tale, a heart of woe.
With ring in hand, his soul does fade,
A creature lost, in darkness made.
In every whisper, and silent plea,
His tragedy, for all to see.
Through endless nights, and days so bleak,
In Smeagol’s heart, the light they seek.

Smeagol’s Duality
In mirror’s gaze, two faces show,
Smeagol’s struggle, deep below.
With Gollum’s voice, and Smeagol’s heart,
In constant war, they drift apart.
Through battles fierce, and whispers sly,
In Smeagol’s soul, the truth does lie.
With final choice, his fate is sealed,
In Smeagol’s heart, the pain revealed.

The Ring’s Curse
In shadows deep, a hobbit’s fall,
Smeagol’s heart, the Ring’s own thrall.
A soul divided, torn by fate,
In every tale, his tragic state.

“My precious,” whispers in the night,
In Smeagol’s heart, an endless fight.
From Gollum’s wrath to Smeagol’s plea,
In every heart, his story’s key.

Tolkien’s tale of sorrow’s bind,
In Smeagol’s eyes, the struggle we find.
The Ring’s curse, a burden’s weight,
In every heart, we share his fate.

Through trials dark and moments brief,
Smeagol’s tale, a mix of grief.
In every heart, his story stays,
A symbol of the Ring’s cruel ways.

The Twisted Mind
In cave’s dark depths, where whispers lie,
Smeagol’s soul begins to cry.
With “precious” clutched and mind so torn,
He battles self, forever worn.

The twisted mind, with shadows deep,
In endless night, his secrets keep.
Through riddles old and treacherous ways,
His dual nature forever stays.

A tragic tale of light and dark,
His fractured heart, forever marked.
The twisted mind’s eternal fight,
A story lost in endless night.

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