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Adoption Poems: Celebrating the Beauty of Family Bonds

Forever Bound by Love: Poems About Adoption

Welcome to 1LovePoems, where we celebrate all forms of love, including the love that brings families together through adoption. On this page, you’ll find a range of poems on the many facets of adoption – from the joy of finding a forever family to the complexity of navigating identity and heritage. We hope these poems inspire and uplift you in your own adoption journey, whether you’re a birth parent, adoptive parent, or adoptee. So grab a tissue, get cozy, and let’s explore the beauty of adoption together – in verse!

Short Poems

1. “Chosen”
I may not share their blood,
But this family I call my own,
With hearts united and love that floods,
I was chosen and never alone.

2. “Forever Home”
From one place to another,
I wandered and felt so alone,
Until I found a loving mother,
And a forever home to call my own.

3. “Love Makes a Family”
A bond formed not by genetics,
But by love and devotion so true,
Together we rise above all antics,
For love makes a family through and through.

4. “The Gift of Adoption”
Though some may see it as a last resort,
The gift of adoption is pure and rare,
A chance for a child to be loved and adored,
And for a family to grow and share.

Medium Poems

To The Child I Chose

To the child I chose to be mine,
It was not an easy decision to align.
I did not carry you in my womb,
But you still call me “mom” in every room.

I sought and searched for a way,
To fill the void and love every day.
And then, the stars aligned for us,
Bringing you into my arms without a fuss.

I may not know your every trait,
But that does not make our bond any less great.
I promise to love and guide you through,
No matter the path we end up pursuing.

To the child I chose to be mine,
I will be with you until the end of time.

Family Is More Than Blood

Family is more than blood,
It’s the connection and love that floods.
It’s the bond that ties us tightly,
Through the good times and the nightly.

Adoption brings families together,
Through all sorts of weather.
It’s a choice that’s filled with love,
Making a home a sanctuary dove.

A child may not look like their parents,
But that doesn’t make the bond apparent.
For family is more than just skin deep,
It’s the love and care that we sow and reap.

Adoption is a beautiful thing,
Of that, there is no questioning.
For it brings about love and kinship,
Making a family that we cherish.

Long Poems

Forever Family

I never knew the woman who carried me
Or the man who held me when I cried
But I do know the parents who chose me
And the love they’ve given me all my life

I was a tiny newborn, placed in their arms
A stranger’s child, but theirs just the same
They made a promise to love and protect me
And that promise still holds true today

They may not share my blood or my name
But they’ve shared every moment of my life
They’ve taught me to love, to laugh, to grow
And they’re the reason I’ve survived

I never felt the sting of abandonment
Or the uncertainty of being unwanted
For in their eyes, I was always theirs
And their love was something undaunted

We’ve had our moments of joy and of pain
Of triumphs and heartache along the way
But through it all, they’ve never once faltered
And their love has never gone astray

I may not have been their biological child
But they’ve given me more than I ever dreamed
For in their home, I’ve always been loved
And that’s a blessing few have seen

So to my forever family, I thank you
For choosing me and making me yours
For being the ones who love me unconditionally
And for never closing sentimental doors

For I am who I am today, because of you
And the love you’ve given me all these years
And I know that no matter what tomorrow holds
You’ll still be here, wiping away my tears

Forever family, forever bound
By a love that knows no end
I thank my lucky stars each day
For the gift of my adoptive kin.

The Gift of Family

When I was young, I didn’t understand,
Why I looked different from the rest of the clan,
My hair was curly, my eyes were blue,
While theirs were straight, and brown or two.

My parents explained it to me with care,
That I was adopted, and they’re the ones who dared,
To give me a home, and a loving space,
Where I’ll be accepted, and embraced without disgrace.

At first, I couldn’t comprehend,
Why I was given away, and left to fend,
But my parents were patient, and answered my questions,
And showed me love, kindness, and affection.

I soon realized that it doesn’t matter,
If you’re born to them or not, what makes it better,
Are the bonds of love and trust and respect,
That you share with your adoptive family, it’s perfect.

I may not share their genes or traits,
But I share their dreams, joys, and fates,
We laugh and cry, and learn together,
And grow stronger, through all kinds of weather.

My birth mother might have been in pain,
And faced challenges I can’t explain,
But she made a choice that changed my life,
And gave me a chance to thrive and strive.

I don’t know her name or face,
But I hold her in a special place,
In my heart, where love abides,
And gratitude blooms, like a rising tide.

So to all the adoptive parents out there,
Thank you for your love, your care,
For giving us a chance to belong,
And to find our place, where we truly belong.

And to all the birth parents, who had to part,
Thank you for the gift of life, from your heart,
You made a sacrifice, that’s beyond compare,
And we honor you, and your love, everywhere.

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