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My Daughter Hates Me: Heartbreaking Poems of Parental Pain

Betrayal of a Mother’s Love: Heartbreaking Poems from Daughters Who Feel Abandoned

Welcome to our page dedicated to “My Daughter Hates Me” poems. We know the topic may seem a little dark but humor is the best medicine in tough situations, right? Here you will find a range of poems that touch upon the delicate subject of a strained relationship with your daughter. So, sit back, relax and prepare to be moved by these heartfelt words. Remember, you’re not alone, many parents go through this phase with their children. Let’s find solace in these poems together.

Short Poems

1. “I Don’t Recognize You Anymore”
My daughter hates me now,
I barely recognize her.
I walk on eggshells daily,
Afraid of my own daughter.

2. “A Painful Distance”
She used to be my baby,
Now she’s a distant stranger.
Her eyes avoid my own,
Our love is now in danger.

3. “An Unbridgeable Gap”
The gap between us grows,
Communication at a halt.
My daughter is a mystery,
And it’s all my fault.

4. “Brokenhearted Mother”
My heart is breaking daily,
My daughter’s hate is hard to bear.
I long to have her back,
To show her how much I care.

Medium Poems

Tongue-tied Love

My daughter’s eyes avoid mine
Her lips purse in a frown
Words stay stuck in my throat
As she moves away with a gown

Her teenage angst is like a wall
That I can’t seem to break through
My love for her feels like a boulder
Silently crushing me too

How do I show her that I care
When she recoils at my touch?
Her disdain feels like a sharp knife
That twists, hurts, and cuts

I wish I could take her in my arms
And tell her what’s in my heart
But her rejection feels like a verdict
That tears me apart

Her Silent Screams

My daughter walks in silence
Her movements slow and measured
The look in her eyes is fierce
Her anger taut and treasured

She speaks in monosyllables
Her voice clipped, curt and cold
Each word feels like a thousand knives
That stab into my soul

I try to read between the lines
To hear what she’s not saying
But her silence is like a cage
That keeps me from understanding

Is it something that I did or said
That’s made her hate me so?
I wish I could reach out to her
And make her heart let go

But her silent screams are deafening
Like a storm that won’t relent
And all I can do is wait and pray
That she’ll one day repent

Broken Bond

My daughter used to cling to me
Her hand in mine, her heart so free
She’d laugh and sing and dance with glee
And in her love, I’d find my key

But now she can’t stand to be near
Her eyes avoid, her voice is clear
Her heart that once held me so dear
Is now like a statue with no fear

What drives a daughter to hate her mom?
What makes her heart turn cold and numb?
Is it something that I did, as a mom?
Or is it her teenage years that have come?

All I know is that I miss her touch
Her smile, her laugh, her love so much
I wish I could heal our bond’s deep-cut
And bring back the love that we’ve lost.

Long Poems

My Daughter Hates Me

My heart aches each day as I see,
Her eyes filled with anger and disdain for me.
We were once so close, we laughed and played,
But now my love for her seems to be in vain.

I try to understand what I have done wrong,
But she always seems to argue and stay strong.
Her words sting like bees, they cut me to the core,
And leave me feeling empty and insecure.

I want to reach out, to hold her close,
But her walls are up, like she hates me the most.
I am not sure when or how things went wrong,
But it feels like the bond between us is long gone.

I long for the days when she was young and carefree,
When her love for me was so plain to see.
But now it seems like she sees me as the enemy,
And our relationship is now one of enmity.

I wish I could turn back time and do it all right,
To be a better mother and make things bright.
But for now, I will wait for the day,
When she sees the love I have, and comes back to stay.

Until then, I will love her from afar,
And hope that one day, she sees the scars.
For I will always be her mother, that will never change,
And my love for her will always remain.

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