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Sweet Words from Baby: Mommy Poems for your Heart

Sweet Words From Your Little One: Heartwarming Mommy Poems

Hey there, fellow poetry lovers! Are you ready for some heartwarming, adorable and occasionally sassy mommy poems from babies? They say motherhood is the toughest job in the world, but it’s also the most rewarding one. From sleepless nights to endless cuddles, from diaper changes to first words, being a mom is a rollercoaster ride that is worth every bump and twist. Our collection of mommy poems captures the pure love, admiration and gratitude that babies have for their supermoms. So get ready to aww and giggle as we present you with a range of poems that celebrate mommies in all their glory!

Short Poems

All About Mommy

Mommy’s smile lights up my day
When I see her, I want to play
She sings to me so sweet and clear
My mommy, oh so dear.

Naptime with Mommy

When I’m tired and feeling low
Mommy’s arms are where I go
We snuggle up and close our eyes
In dreamland, where my heart flies.

Mommy’s Kisses

When I fall down and start to cry
Mommy kisses make me feel so dry
She holds me tight and wipes my tears
And I know that she loves me, my dear.

Mommy’s Love

Mommy’s love is pure and true
It shines bright through and through
I feel her love always near
Thank you, mommy, for being here.

Medium Poems

My First Smile
Oh mommy, I can see your eyes light up
Every time I break into a smile
I may be little, but I know how to please
Being your baby brings me so much glee

My first smile was unintentional
But seeing your face light up, it became essential
I’ll keep smiling every chance I get
Because mommy, you make my whole world bright

My First Words
Mommy, I know you’ve waited for this day
When I’ll say my first words, clear and crisp
I know you think I’m just babbling away
But please, pay attention, listen to this

“Ma-ma, da-da,” I say with glee
Those are the words I want you to hear
Mommy and daddy, it’s really just me
Telling you how much I need you near

I’m learning new words every single day
And soon enough, you’ll be amazed
By all the things that I can say
But mommy, for now, let’s just celebrate this phase

My Bedtime Routine
It’s that time of the day again
When mommy tucks me in my cozy bed
We have our little routine, me and her
And it’s something I really do prefer

First, we snuggle, I love her warm embrace
Then she reads me stories full of grace
We sing my favorite lullabies
And before I know it, I’m in dreamland, so very quiet and nice

Mommy, it’s all thanks to you
That every night, I sleep like a log
With you by my side, there’s nothing to worry about
My mommy, my hero, the one who figures it all out.

Long Poems

Dear Mommy

Dear mommy, I’m just a little one,
But every day, you make my heart sing.
With your gentle touch and loving embrace,
You make my world a better place.

Your smile brightens up my day,
And your laugh fills me with joy.
When I look into your eyes,
I see a love that nothing can destroy.

Your cuddles and kisses are the best,
I feel safe and warm in your arms.
You give me strength when I feel weak,
And you protect me from all harm.

Even though I can’t say it yet,
I love you more than words can express.
You mean the world to me, mommy,
And I feel so blessed.

Thank you for being my mommy,
For all the sacrifices and love.
I promise to make you proud,
And cherish you forever, like a dove.

So, dear mommy, this is for you,
A poem from your little one.
I’ll always love you, mommy,
And be your precious son.

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