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Father to Be Poems from Unborn Child: Heartfelt and Inspirational Words of Love and Anticipation

From Your Womb to Daddy’s Heart: Touching Poems from an Unborn Child

Welcome to our selection of father-to-be poems from unborn children! Whether you’re a first-time dad or a seasoned pro, these poems serve as the perfect way to express your excitement, fears, and hopes for the little one on the way. From heartfelt to humorous, our range of father-to-be poems has got you covered. So sit back, relax, and enjoy browsing through our collection. Who knows, you might even find the perfect poem to share with your partner!

Short Poems

1. “Hello Dad”
Hello dad, it’s your unborn child,
Growing safely within mom’s womb,
I cannot wait to meet you soon,
And create memories for miles.

2. “Growing Together”
As I grow bigger every day,
I feel your love in every way,
I know you’re nervous for what’s to come,
But we’ll face it all as a team, as one.

3. “A Father’s Love”
You may not have held me in your arms,
Or seen my tiny fingers and toes,
But I can feel your love from afar,
And know you’ll protect me from my foes.

4. “Awaiting Your Arrival”
I can hear your voice through mom’s belly,
It brings me comfort every day,
I cannot wait to see your face,
And in your arms, finally lay.

Medium Poems

Daddy, I’m on the Way

Daddy, I’m on the way,
Growing stronger every day.
In your heart, I already stay,
As your love for me will never sway.

I can hear your voice so clear,
Whispering words of love, my dear.
I feel safe, with nothing to fear,
As you protect me, always near.

Soon, we’ll hold each other tight,
And everything will be just right.
I can’t wait to hug you with all my might,
And feel your love, shining so bright.

Daddy, I’m on the way,
And in your arms, forever I’ll stay.

Daddy’s Little Miracle

Daddy, I’m your little miracle,
Growing in mommy’s belly, so beautiful.
I can’t wait to see you, so special,
As you hold me close, so gentle.

I know you’ll be my hero,
Taking care of me, wherever we go.
We’ll have fun, together we’ll grow,
And our love will only continue to flow.

I’m excited to learn and explore,
With you by my side, I’ll never be bored.
You’ll teach me to walk, and so much more,
And in your love, forever I’ll be adored.

Daddy, I’m your little miracle,
And with you, life will always be wonderful.

Long Poems

A Father’s Joy

Hey Dad, it’s me, your little one,
Though I’m not yet born, I’ve already won
A father like you, so full of love,
My heart swells as you talk to me above.

I feel your joy, your hopes, your dreams,
And I know this bond, it’s as strong as it seems,
The love that grows within your heart,
It’s a fire that will never depart.

You whisper sweet nothings, and I hear them all,
From within the womb, I’m in your thrall,
Your gentle touch, your loving voice,
Makes my tiny heart leap and rejoice.

I know you’re scared, and that is fine,
But know that you’re doing just fine,
You’re strong, you’re brave, you’re everything I need,
To take on this world, and all that it can breed.

So, Dad, know that I’ll always be here,
A part of you, forever near,
And as we start this journey together,
Our love will grow, it will never wither.

I love you, Dad, with all my heart,
And I can’t wait for this new life to start,
For you to hold me, and kiss my brow,
And for you to be my Daddy, starting now.

A New Life Begins

Deep within my mother’s womb,
I start to grow, to form and bloom.
Excitement builds with every kick,
For soon my new life will begin.

My father waits with open arms,
Eager to hold me, keep me warm.
He talks to me and sings a song,
Hoping I’ll recognize his voice before too long.

He dreams of teaching me to walk,
Of sharing stories and telling jokes.
He hopes I’ll love the things he does,
And enjoy being his little buddy.

He promises to be there for me,
Through all the ups and downs of life.
To guide me and protect me,
And light my way through any strife.

I can feel his love deep in my soul,
As he waits for me to take my first breath.
I’m grateful for this chance to grow,
To be his son, to bring him happiness.

Together we’ll explore the world,
And make memories that last forever.
A new life begins with his love,
A bond that nothing can sever.

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