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Beginnings and Middles: Poetic Journeys

Welcome to our collection of poems that compare beginnings and middles. In life, we often find ourselves at the start of a new journey, full of hope and excitement, only to face the challenges and complexities of the middle. These poems beautifully capture the contrast between the freshness of a new beginning and the depth of the middle, where growth and transformation take place.

Explore the profound reflections on this theme through the following poems:
Beginnings and Endings
Dreams and Goals
Hope and Fear

Immerse yourself in the beauty of these poems that delve into the essence of beginnings and middles, offering insights into the journey of life itself.

Start and Progress:
Beginnings are start, fresh and bright,
Middles progress, in sight.
One opens with a hopeful cheer,
The other grows, drawing near.

Dawn and Noon:
Beginnings dawn, a golden hue,
Middles noon, a steady view.
One ignites with a vibrant grace,
The other stands, in every place.

Commence and Continue:
Beginnings commence, a lively tone,
Middles continue, never alone.
One starts with a tender heart,
The other moves, every part.

Start and Continuance:
Beginnings are starts, fresh and new,
Middles continuance, journey’s view.
One embarks with hopeful cheer,
The other persists, drawing near.

Commencement and Progress:
Beginnings are commencement, bright and clear,
Middles are progress, holding dear.
One heralds with a vibrant song,
The other endures, steady and long.

Journey’s Path:
Beginnings, where dreams take flight,
Middles, where paths intertwine with might.
Beginnings, with hope and bright array,
Middles, where challenges pave the way.

Both together, life’s grand tale,
In their balance, courage prevail.
Beginnings and middles, story’s art,
Shape the journey, heart to heart.

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