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Laugh with Your Pup: Hilarious Dog Poems for Dog Lovers

Wagging Words: Hilarious Dog Poems for the Canine Obsessed

At 1LovePoems, we’re crazy about dogs – and we know you are too! That’s why we’ve put together a collection of funny dog poems that will make you smile, laugh, and maybe even howl a little. From silly limericks to haikus that capture the essence of puppyhood, we’ve got a range of dog-themed poetry to tickle your funny bone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our paw-some collection of humorous dog poems.

Short Poems

1. “The Howling Pup”
My dog likes to howl at the moon,
And sometimes in the middle of a tune.
His howls are loud and quite funny,
But when he’s done, he looks quite sunny.

2. “The Begging Dog”
My dog loves to beg for treats,
He sits up tall on his little feets.
With his big puppy eyes so wide,
It’s hard to say no and hide.

3. “The Bath Hater”
My dog hates taking a bath,
He runs away and causes a rath.
When I finally catch him in my grip,
He whimpers and whines, and tries to slip.

4. “The Sleeping Dog”
My dog likes to sleep all day,
In his bed or wherever he may.
He snores and dreams of chasing squirrels,
And all those other happy doggy worlds.

Medium Poems

My Dog Thinks He’s Human

My dog thinks he’s a human,
He sits in chairs and on the couch.
He never barks or growls,
But his eyes always seem to say “ouch!”

He loves to eat with us at dinner,
And even drinks out of a cup.
He thinks he’s part of our family,
And never wants to give that up.

But when we take him for a walk,
He acts like a dog once more.
He sniffs and runs and barks,
And chases squirrels to the core.

My dog may think he’s human,
But in the end, he’s just a pet.
And even though he’s silly,
I wouldn’t have him any other set.

Doggy Dreams

My doggy dreams so wild and free,
Just like he’s running in the fields.
He barks and howls with glee,
And his big eyes widen as he yields.

He chases after balls and sticks,
And catches them with his mouth.
He runs and jumps and does tricks,
And never stops until he’s worn out.

Sometimes he dreams of squirrels,
That taunt him from high up in trees.
He barks and jumps and twirls,
But they just laugh and do as they please.

My doggy dreams so vividly,
Of all the things he loves to do.
And even though he’s asleep,
I can tell he’s happy through and through.

Long Poems

The Adventures of a Mischievous Pup

I have a pup, so full of glee
He bounds around so playfully
With his wagging tail and lolling tongue
He’s always up for a game to be begun

He chases his tail round and round
And barks at his toys, loud and profound
He even pretends to fetch his bone
But won’t give it up without a groan

He revels in mud and water too
And comes back smelling like a zoo
But his face is so happy, his eyes so bright
I simply can’t scold him, it doesn’t seem right

He steals my shoes and hides them well
Then looks at me with a cheeky swell
I find them later, chewed to bits
But I can’t help but laugh, it’s hard to be miffed

When bedtime comes, he’s all tuckered out
He curls up by my feet, without a doubt
And as he snores so loud and deep
I know I’m lucky to have him to keep

For this silly, lovable pup of mine
Brings joy and laughter, all the time
And though he can be quite the terror
I wouldn’t trade him for any other!

The Adventures of a Mischievous Dog

I have a dog, his name is Jack,
A mischievous pup, always on the attack.
He chases his tail with a gleam in his eye,
And digs up the garden whenever he spies
A squirrel in a tree, or a bird in the sky.

Oh, Jack is a rascal, a jester, a clown,
He sniffs out a toy, then runs around,
With it in his teeth, he shakes it and bites,
He tosses it up, then runs off in flight,
Leaving it in the dirt, to be found another night.

He likes to hide under beds and in closets too,
And when we can’t find him, we know what he’ll do,
He’ll sneak out behind us with a bark and a yip,
And we’ll turn around to see him with a smirk on his lip,
As if to say, “I fooled ya, didn’t I, hip hip!”

He jumps up on couches and chairs and tables,
And tries to grab food from our plates whenever he’s able,
He bounces and barks when he hears the door,
And runs out to greet strangers who come in for sure,
But he’s really just hoping for belly rubs galore.

Oh, Jack is a handful, but we love him so,
And when he looks up at us with eyes all aglow,
We can’t help but smile and laugh and play,
For he brings us joy and happiness every day,
And we know he’ll keep us entertained in every way.

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