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Abuse and Recovery

Drug Abuse Poems: A Collection of Heartrending Verses on Addiction and Overdose

Navigating the Depths of Addiction: Poems about Drug Abuse

Welcome to our collection of poems about drug abuse on 1LovePoems! Here, we have a range of poems that explore the harsh realities of addiction and the struggles of overcoming it. From poignant and heartfelt to biting and satirical, our diverse selection of poems on this topic offers a unique perspective on the destructive nature of drugs. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these poems that may just make you think twice before taking that next hit. Remember, when it comes to drugs, the only high you should be reaching for is the high of life.

Short Poems

1. The Grip of Addiction
The grip of addiction tightens its hold,
A life consumed with pills and gold.
Once strong and proud, now all alone,
The addiction has taken over, the person’s unknown.

2. The Illusion of High
The illusion of high, so calm and serene,
A moment to escape the pain unseen.
The high so strong, but oh so brief,
The addiction taking over, causing much grief.

3. A Life Lost
A life of promise, so young and free,
Lost to the drugs, it was the key.
The addiction came, the life now gone,
Leaving sadness and regret, for those left alone.

4. The Road to Recovery
A journey of hope, so hard to take,
The road to recovery, a choice to make.
With support and love, the path unfolds,
The addiction’s grip loosens, as new life beholds.

Medium Poems

The Road to Ruin

I walk upon the lonely road
With fear and trembling in my soul
My heart beats fast, my hands are cold
As I make my way towards the goal

The goal is nothing but a high
A momentary bliss, a sweet lie
That makes my worries fade and die
And helps me soar up to the sky

But little do I know or care
That with each high, I sink so low
That I become a slave, so rare
And lose myself, my will, my glow

I hurt the ones I love the most
I break their hearts, betray their trust
And leave them weeping like a ghost
In tears, in silence and in dust

So now I stand upon the brink
Of endless pain and shattered dreams
And wonder how it all could sink
So low, so fast, like endless streams

But then I hear a voice inside
A voice that whispers hope and grace
And tells me that I can abide
And find my way to a better place

So I choose to take a different road
To seek the help I need to mend
And find my way to light and hope
And leave the road to ruin, to end.

The One-Way Street

I walk upon the one-way street
With no way out, no sign of peace
The thrill is gone, the pain is real
And I can’t shake this haunting feel

I try to run, I try to hide
But everywhere I go, it’s there
The endless call, the rising tide
That drags me down, so unaware

I see my life slip through my hands
Like grains of sand, so slow and true
And feel the weight of all my plans
That fell apart, so bright and new

I know I need to change my ways
To find a new and better start
To walk the path of grace and praise
And heal the wounds that broke my heart

But sometimes it feels so hard to do
To let go of the life I knew
To face the pain, to see it through
And find the strength to start anew

So I keep walking on this street
With hope and faith, but still unsure
That someday soon, my heart will beat
With joy and peace, forevermore.

Long Poems

The Abyss of Addiction

I see him lying there, eyes glazed over,
In the grip of the abyss of addiction,
A prisoner of his own mind and body,
Trapped in a cycle of dependency and affliction.

The bottle, the needle, the pill,
His daily companions, his only thrill,
He chases a high that never lasts,
And spirals down into a bottomless chasm.

No longer a person, just a shell,
A puppet controlled by his demons from hell,
He cannot stop, he cannot resist,
The urge to self-destruct, to persist.

He used to be a son, a brother, a friend,
Now he’s alone, lost, on a dead-end road to an end,
He tries to escape, but he’s too weak,
The poison has eroded his will and peak.

He doesn’t care anymore about life,
Or the people he hurt with his strife,
He’s numb, he’s detached, he’s void,
A slave to the desolate, dire, and droid.

The abyss of addiction has consumed him,
A toll of his poor choices, weakness, or whim,
He’s a warning to others, a cautionary tale,
Of the dangers of drugs, of the risks to prevail.

Let’s not forget him, let’s not mock him.
Let’s try to help him, to heal him, to save him.
Let’s be kind, let’s be wise, let’s be mindful,
Of the abyss of addiction, and its victims we find full.

Lost in the Abyss

Innocent faces, once filled with hope
Now haunted by demons that they can’t cope
Broken hearts, shattered dreams
Drug abuse is not what it seems

A needle’s prick, a pill’s relief
A temporary escape from reality’s grief
But soon the high fades away
Leaving behind a price to pay

They lose their jobs, their families, their friends
Their addiction takes hold and never ends
Spiraling down, into the abyss they fall
Their life’s purpose becomes nothing at all

They crave the rush, the thrill, the high
Their drug use turning them into a lie
They’ll do anything to get their next fix
Even if it means selling tricks

Their mind is foggy, their thoughts unclear
Facing addiction, their biggest fear
They want to quit, but they can’t find the way
Trapped in a cycle, day after day

They feel lost, with no hope in sight
Their drug use consumes them day and night
Their soul is empty, their heart is hollow
Their addiction taking over, they can’t swallow

Their life is now in ruins, nothing to show
The price they paid for that temporary glow
They wish they could turn back time
Before drugs turned them into a life of crime

So listen, young souls, who think it’s okay
To try drugs, just for a day
It’s a slippery slope that you can’t see
That will eventually rob you of your destiny

Protect your future, protect your life
Say no to drugs, avoid the strife
Don’t let addiction take control
Live a life that’s true, and whole.

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