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Abuse and Recovery

Addiction Poems – Finding Light in the Darkness

Poems of Heartache and Hope: Exploring the Depths of Addiction

Welcome to our page dedicated to poems about addiction! Here at 1LovePoems, we understand that addiction is a complex and often painful topic. That’s why we’ve collected a range of poems that explore different aspects of addiction – from the heart-wrenching struggles of addiction to the hope of recovery.

Our poets have offered their unique perspectives on addiction, crafting poems that are emotional, raw, and sometimes even humorous. Whether you’re looking for a poem to help you understand addiction better, or simply need a bit of inspiration on your journey towards recovery, we’ve got you covered.

So take a few minutes to explore our collection of poems about addiction. We hope that they will offer you comfort, insight, and maybe even a few laughs along the way.

Short Poems

1. “The Grasp of Addiction”

It holds me tight, a grip so strong,
I can’t break free, not for too long.
I try to fight, to pull away,
But it lures me back, every day.

2. “Trapped”

I feel like I’m trapped in this vicious cycle,
A never-ending battle that’s hard to stifle.
It takes control of my every thought,
And I can’t escape, no matter how hard I fought.

3. “The Temptation”

The temptation is always lurking,
A constant reminder, always working.
It’s hard to resist, to say no,
When every ounce of me wants to let go.

4. “The Road to Recovery”

It’s not an easy road to recovery,
A journey filled with uncertainty.
But as I take each step, day by day,
I know in my heart, I’ll find my way.

Medium Poems

Addiction’s Clutches

The grip of addiction is strong and tight,
A monster that consumes me day and night.
The high it gives me is all-consuming,
A temporary escape from life’s wearying.

The cravings are like a demon inside,
Whispering temptation, impossible to hide.
I know that I should resist its hold,
But I’m weak, and the addiction is bold.

My friends and family try to intervene,
But nothing can break the addiction’s scene.
I’ve lost so much, but still can’t let go,
My addiction now controls the show.

I know that I need help to break free,
To live a life that’s happy and healthy.
But the thought of saying goodbye so scares,
As addiction clutches me in its snare.

The Road to Recovery

The road to recovery is long and steep,
A journey that’s fraught with many deep.
It’s a path that’s filled with twists and turns,
But one that ultimately, my soul will yearn.

The battle with addiction is tough and hard,
A struggle that can tear you apart.
But with each step and every breath,
I’m moving towards a life that’s no longer a mess.

I’m learning to confront my fears,
To face the pain that’s been waiting here.
With the help of those that care,
I’m slowly emerging from the despair.

I’m discovering the joys of life,
Making new friends, and no longer in strife.
I’m finding the strength to take control,
To be the master, and no longer in toll.

The road to recovery, though tough, is worthwhile,
I’m living a life that’s rich, healthy, and vibrant.
I’m grateful for the chance to be free,
And I know that this is where I’m meant to be.

Long Poems

The Grip of Addiction

There’s a force that grips me tight
A roaring beast that rules my night
It haunts my dreams, it steals my days
And whispers lies in many ways

It starts so small, so harmless, you see
A little drink to set me free
But then I need another sip
And another, and another trip

It’s like a storm that’s raging wild
A hurricane inside my mind
It tears me up, it breaks me down
And leaves me stranded on the ground

I try to fight it, but it’s strong
It pulls me back, it steals my song
It takes my friends, it takes my pride
And leaves me with a deep divide

I know I should just let it go
And find a way to heal and grow
But like an anchor, it pulls me down
Into a sea of discontent, I drown

And still, I crave its deadly touch
I crave the rush, I crave too much
But then I realize, with a start
That I can break this awful part

For I am strong, I have the power
To face each day, to climb each tower
To find my way through darkest night
And live my life with all my might

So let me leave this grip behind
And find a way to heal my mind
Let me be free, let me be true
And find a life with joy anew.

The Pit of Addiction

In the pit of addiction,
I find myself trapped,
A cycle of desire and destruction,
A path that seems already mapped.

At first, it was just a taste,
A pleasant sensation to feel,
But soon enough it became a race,
An endless and urgent appeal.

I chased after the high,
Convinced that it was real,
But each time I would try,
It became more difficult to conceal.

The drug had taken hold,
A grip so tight and strong,
I felt like a hostage, controlled,
Unable to resist for very long.

I neglected everything else,
Ignoring my family and friends,
My life became a chaotic mess,
A downward spiral that never descends.

I knew that I had to stop,
I couldn’t keep living like this,
But it seemed like such a huge mountain to top,
A daunting task to dismiss.

I reached out for help,
And slowly but surely, I began to heal,
Breaking free from the drug’s spell,
Learning how to once again feel.

But the journey was far from easy,
There were moments of pain and dread,
But with support and patience, I could see,
A new path was waiting ahead.

Now, I stand on the other side,
Looking back at the pit of addiction,
Realizing that there was another ride,
A better one, with clarity and conviction.

So, if you’re struggling with addiction,
Please know that you’re not alone,
There is a way out, a new mission,
A path to reclaim what you’ve known.

It takes courage and strength,
But those are things we all possess,
So take that first step, no matter the length,
And discover a life full of success.

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