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Madeleine L’engle Poems – To a Long-Loved Love

To a Long-Loved Love

Author: Madeleine L’Engle

We, who have seen the new moon grow old together, 
Who have seen winter rime the fields and stones 
As though it would claim earth and water forever, 
We who have known the touch of flesh and the shape of bones 
Know the old moon stretching its shadows across a whitened field 
More beautiful than spring with all its spate of blooms; 
What passion knowledge of tried flesh still yields, 
What joy and comfort these familiar rooms.

In the moonless, lampless dark now of this bed 
My body knows each line and curve of yours; 
My fingers know the shape of limb and head: 
As pure as mathematics ecstasy endures. 
Blinded by night and love we share our passion, 
Certain of burning flesh, of living bone: 
So feels the sculptor in the moment of creation 
Moving his hands across the uncut stone.

I know why a star gives light 
Shining quietly in the night; 
Arithmetic helps me unravel 
The hours and years this light must travel 
To penetrate our atmosphere. 
I can count the craters on the moon 
With telescopes to make them clear. 
With delicate instruments I can measure 
The secrets of barometric pressure.

And therefore I find it inexpressibly queer 
That with my own soul I am out of tune, 
And that I have not stumbled on the art 
Of forecasting the weather of the heart.

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