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I Love You Even More

Author: Anna Paul

I promise to hold you in my heart
Forever, as long as I live
Never forget the way you smile
Nor the love you give.

So energetic and full of life
That's how we were when we were young
We were so happy there together
Laughing under the sun.

When you left I was so sad
Emotions flooded my days
Tears constantly pouring down
But I covered the pain in so many ways.

Even now your not here
How can I bare to go on?
By remembering the promise I made
And how the distance makes our love strong.

All I do is wait for when you return
To feel your hand in mine
I will be patient
No matter how long the time. 

Never leave my life
Or I'll be stripped to my core
Because I miss you every single day
And I love you even more.
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