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Poem One Last Time – Last Time Love Poem

Last Time 

Author: Kathryn Antles

All I need is one more kiss, 
One last moment to forever miss, 
One more touch, one more wish. 
Do I ask too much, if I ask you this?

All our thoughts and secrets kept 
One last moment of epic bliss. 
Enjoy this moment just one last time, 
One last dance you and I. 
One last morning for your scent to linger, 
One last night to always remember. 
Do I ask too much, if I ask you this?

One last time our souls ignite, 
Once more our heartbeats thunder throughout the night. 
One last night locked in your embrace, 
One last time you gaze upon my face. 
Words unspoken, no good bye. 
Just one last dance, one last night, 
One last memory of you and I.

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