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Explore the emotions of missing someone with these poetic musings

Missing someone is a feeling we all experience at some point in our lives. It can be a loved one who has passed away, or someone who is simply not present in our life. These poems capture the different aspects of missing someone, from the longing to the pain, and the memories that keep us going. Read on to be transported to the world of missing someone and let your emotions flow.


Short Poems About Missing Someone

I miss the sound of your voice, the warmth of your touch
I miss the way you looked at me, the way you loved
I miss the laughter we shared, the joy we knew
I miss the person I was, when I was with you

I miss the way you smiled, the way you moved
I miss the way you hugged me, the way you soothed
I miss the way you whispered, the way you said
I miss the person you were, the person I met

I miss the way you dreamed, the way you planned
I miss the way you shared, the way you spanned
I miss the way you believed, the way you stood
I miss the person I knew, the person I would

I miss you more than words can say
I miss you more each passing day
But though you’re gone, you’re not forgotten
For in my heart, you’ll always be a part of it.”


Long Poems About Missing Someone


The emptiness within my heart
Is a gaping hole that never mends
I ache for your touch, your kiss
My love for you never ends

But you’re gone, and I am here
Alone in the dark, without a guide
I long for your warm embrace
And the way you used to reside


The memories we shared together
Are like a dream now, far away
I see your face in every crowd
But you’re not here to stay

The laughter that we shared
Is now a distant sound
I’m left with nothing but the pain
Of you not being around


I keep your picture by my bed
And trace your face with my hand
I close my eyes and feel your touch
But it’s just an empty stand

I listen for your voice
But it’s only echoes in my mind
I’m left with nothing but the longing
For you to be here, all the time.


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