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Short Love Poems

Heart Of Gold

Creating a beautiful life may mean spending the rest of it with a special someone who would make you feel happy and alive.

Like a heart of gold that makes your soul warm and cozy. Away from all the vulnerabilities and uncertainties that life may bring.

The love of your life is the one who would fill your heart with gold, sweet and warm feelings of exciting and great memories. Ripples of sparkling love and passion, all of these into your heart of gold.

Read through our collection of love poems here at 1Love Poems to and fill in your heart with gold.

Author: Angie Claxton

The happiest day of my life
was the day that I met you
Always loving and understanding
with a heart of gold too
You’d always show how much you care
with the loving things you do
From a tender kiss to a warm
embrace and whisper “I LOVE YOU”
We’ve had a lot of happy times
and also had some tears
but our love for each other
still remained strong,
throughout the years
All goods things have to
come to an end it’s sad I know
but true though in my heart
I know that I will always love you
And your heart of gold.

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