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Love Poems For Her


There will come a day when you will finally meet the person who will fill in half of your heart and soul, when that day comes, it’ll be wonderful, memorable.

It would feel like a sun shining so bright and warm, touching your face and holding your arms.

Then, you will see her walk down the aisle, coming towards you and looking lovingly into your eyes. Vows would be shared and promise to be kept.

Go through our collection of love poetry here at 1Love Poems and get some inspiration to help you write your vows on that special day.

Author: Joyce Hemsley

One day, your arms will possess me,
One day, you will ask for my hand,
One day, the ring will be shining,
In the sun as we walk through the sand.
One day, romance will caress me,
One day, the church bells will chime,
And we will go cruising together forever
For the love of my dreams will be mine.

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