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Why Do I Love You? – Meg

You make me smile
when I’m having a bad day.
You make me laugh
at everything you say… Read Poem

Star Crossed Love – Kate Kennett

Our star crossed love,
Is as frail as a dove.
Is our relationship doomed to fail,
Maybe, if our hearts can’t prevail… Read Poem

Breakup Poem – Desolation – Gabor Timis

As soon as I saw your eyes I knew something was amiss
and my heart plunged far deep into an abyss.
Then your words started and suddenly there was pain,
the words slashing through me all the way to my brain…
Read Poem

Happy Birthday, My Love! – Frank P.

There are things I’d like to say
To you my love on your special day:
I am forever thankful God sent you my way.
Like a gift from up above… Read Poem

Beautiful – Tori G.

Words cannot describe your beauty
When I look at you I can’t help but stare
Oh babe, you’re such a cutie
Your looks are so precious and rare… Read Poem

Last Time – Kathryn Antles

All I need is one more kiss,
One last moment to forever miss,
One more touch, one more wish.
Do I ask too much, if I ask you this… Read Poem

A Tear On My Pillow – David G Teves

When I lay and think, in my bed at night,
the day you’ll arrive, seems nowhere in sight.
I toss and I turn, dreaming of you,
opening my eye’s… checking if my dream came true… Read Poem

First Kiss – Gibs

You leaned over and you kissed me
I felt my knees go weak
You leaned over and you kissed me
I couldn’t even speak… Read Poem

Say Anything But Goodbye – Tom Zart

Forgive me, forgive me
And I’ll kiss your tears away.
You’re the first thing and the last,
I think of every day… Read Poem

Joy Love Happiness – Donald Fritz II

Joy, Love, Happiness.
Joy can be found in a friend.
Love can be found by those who seek it.
Happiness is in the arms of love… Read Poem

Forever Love – Unknown

You are my description of love
You are my description of friend
You are my description of everything
You are my description of beginning to end…
Read Poem

Last Kiss – Amy M. Kurtz

As I looked into your eyes
I knew something was wrong
And then you said goodbye
We had been together too long… Read Poem

Thinking Of You – Gabor Timis

I sit here thinking of you,
I just cannot take you off my mind.
I try all sorts of things to do,
But there is only one thing I find…
Read Poem

Just In Case Tomorrow Never Comes – Shelbie

My heart forever lies with you
And I know that you love me too
I want you to know just how I feel
And that this feeling is real… Read Poem

Silent Whispers Of Love – Santhosh Shenoy

I long to hear your whisper
Silent in my heart they whimper
Gentle echoes that they are
Of which you are least aware…
Read Poem

You Touched My Heart – Gabor Timis

Oh how you inspired this heart of mine,
with a touch so purely divine.
You’re the one I always dreamed,
you’re the light that can’t be dimmed… Read Poem

My Promise To You – Sherri Emily Avery

I’ll never forget,
The first that we met,
I remember it like it was yesterday,
It’s stays deep in my heart… Read Poem

My Valentine – Anonymous

From the words that I say, from the bottom of my heart,
I wish you were mine, My Valentine.
From my mysterious ways, from the lessons that were taught,
I wish you were mine, My Valentine… Read Poem

Do You Believe ? – Brian Mattes

Look into your heart and tell me what you see.
Am I still on your mind; are you thinking of me?
Do you wake in the night and let out a sigh?
Do you whisper my name and wonder why… Read Poem

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