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Beautiful Love Poems

Tongue Tied

Author: Colin Metcalfe

Tongue tied ….
I try to sneak up on your blind side
I try too hard to read between the lines
And in my dreams you’ll always be mine
So how come I’m so ……
Of all the things that might not turn out right
A simple glance and I just step aside
Just an actor suffering stage fright,
That’s the curse of being tongue tied.
When I can’t find my voice, or a joke, or a smile, and I know that I”m destined to fail,
Should I scribble it down on a ‘post it’ note, fly a banner in the sky, or say it in an email,
Should I give a look to distract you, attract you, maybe text you, even say it with flowers,
Find a way, just to face you, when each moment doesn’t seem like hours…
Each bead of perspiration, each exhalation, frustration, pondering what to do,
When it’s really so simple, don’t be nervous, just scream out ‘I love you’
Stay calm…..
Don’t be outrageous or cause alarm
Ignore the fear you’ll come to no harm
Release the passion and turn on the charm.
You know you’ll never meet your joy and pride
If you just let yourself stay tongue tied.

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