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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Cham Nguyen

How is it that each and every time
my life seems on the verge of break down,
you make everything better with the simple things
and put a smile on my face without a sound?
Not even all the riches of the world
would help me make it through a day,
but just a minute spent with you
and my whole world seems okay.
A gaze of your heavenly brown eyes,
a whisper from your enticing lips,
the caress of your comforting hug,
and a taste of your sweet kiss.
All those things helps me through one more day
and makes my life seem worth while.
When you hold me tight in your arms,
I feel safe, as a newborn child
I was torn between what was and what could be,
like my heart was clinging on to the past.
He had shattered my heart in a million pieces,
but because of you the pain didn`t last.
As you come to me with a casual flow,
I get chills down to the bone.
You capture all of my attention,
as you talk with that sexual tone.
When you run your fingers slowly over me,
I lose all of my self control.
Right or not, for a moment all of me belongs to you:
mind, body, and soul

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