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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Anonymous

When Lord, I asked
Will my salvation be?
In prison, prison of mind,
Enslaved and shackled
By agony.
I once thought love was a mere myth,
Fantasy, existing only in ones deepest hopes.
Bitterness possessed me, I cried out to you
Lord for a clam spirit.
I begged and waited with bated breath
But my hopes grew dim, my soul
Became weary, my desires became dull.
My agony was consuming me all at once.
Just as I thought I could go no lower,
Suddenly in my darkness,
Appeared light. And from that light
Issued forth great intellect and understandings from
A divine source. That source being you, Lord.
You gave me the understanding that
Love was a reality that was possible
For any heart to feel and so
You sent me a precious love,
A love, which I hold so
Dear to my heart.
More precious than the finest materials
In existence and of splendid value
This love of mine you sent me.
I thank you Lord, for I love him so,
How I love him so?
Lord, only you so know.

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