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Beautiful Love Poems

The Forbidden Love

Author: Anonymous

Oh, tell me, tell me what could this be,
Could this be love that enthralls me
Not just any emotion
But confidence, affection, and devotion
Miles apart days away
But this love chiselled in my heart will stay
Wanting to grasp you close to me
But knowing I cant oh why does this be
Caged, reaching out for you
So close and knowing you want this too
Illusions of love you and me
But knowing I have to hide this, bites like a bee
Yet the one thing that keeps us together
Destroy us and will never untether
Yet in the reserve of our alone
You hold me dear and no one is unknown
Infatuation in every stroke and every kiss
When we are apart I fantasize of this
This love is too herculean to waste
So fare away yet close enough to taste
Longing to be with you all the time
Hungry for your heart to be one with mine
Take this hand and escort me to your ocean
Kiss me and fill me with your fragrant potion
One to make me winded make me week
That one takes all there life to seek
And at this age I have rescued love
You were sent from a glorified spirit above
Every time I glance at your eyes so pure and blue
I lose my senses and want to be retained by you
Craving to be in your arms, be held so tight
Yearning praying begging with all my might
But I know this in no way will be
You and me at once for all to see
This, this, what it could be
For this is forbidden love that captivates me.

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