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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Jade

I draw these sounds on parchment and hope it would reflect,
Your sacredness deep within me I cherish with honor and respect.
Our two souls have united, entwined in love’s single embrace,
breathing in happiness and peace, playing in God’s sacred space.
You are the soil of the earth in which the seed of my soul grow,
You are the mirror of my eyes in which your true reflection show.
Inside you I have discovered the meaning of who I am,
Through you I came to realize if I believe I could, I can.
You poured the riches of your wisdom into me, a once empty shell,
And made me forget sadness and regret and wave to it farewell.
You are the anchor in the days I drift sad and lost away,
My own special mould that God made from human clay.
I hope these sounds I drew could even simply explain,
that you are my rainbow I see through the endless rain.
I know I am not a Poet,I could not even pretend,
but I hope you know you are the essence who helped my soul to mend.

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