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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Peter Robson

As I recall the memory of your face
My thoughts begin to peak
Into many splendid rememberings
Of beauty and grace unique
In you I found something special
For me its very true
I can’t explain the hows and whys
But I know they are all in you
I also know for me you’re the one
In spirit, body and soul
Forever, whenever, wherever you be
You are the half of my whole
So bring together the two halves now
Quickly, won’t you my dear
The half of you and the half of me
So that we can revere
As I recall the memory of your face
Of eyes and nose and lips
And gleaming smiles that so beguile
With lines I long to trace
Rememberings, for now I see
Till next with you I be
To hug and hold and kiss and love
My dearest and sweetest honey.

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