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Beautiful Love Poems

My Undying Love

Author: Anonymous

I love you like the sun in the sky
Or maybe how a bird is destined to fly
Even more than a mother loves her child
Or all the animals running in the wild.
A petal to a rose
And everyone knows
It’s more that just love
Soaring around like a white turtle dove.
Tears for joy and tears for pain
It’s like standing out in the hot summer rain
It’s more than the sound of your sweet gentle name
More than a predator loves its game.
Words can’t sum up the way that I feel
But I’ll definitely say
These feelings are real
And as Sent from above
I’m here to give you my undying love.
So in closing my dear
I pray I’ve made it rather clear
You mean everything to me
My sweetheart can’t you see
I can’t get enough of your endless touch
Oh my sweet baby, I love you so much!

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