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Beautiful Love Poems

My Inspiration

Author: Amir Vafamanesh

If I could freeze time I would pass the day
Watching you light up the room with your beautiful ways
Because I could spend eternity just getting lost in your eyes
For they shine brine like the moonlit air of the night sky
A simple conversation with you is more than enough for me
For you have given me all the inspiration that I could ever need
Every time I hear you laugh, it’s like music to my fears
Your voice is like a sweet rhythm that sings melodies into my ears
While the warmth of your smile emits joy into my heart,
Sews all the seeds and keeps it from tearing apart
It’s all the wonderful things you do and the little things you say
That have shaped yesterday’s memories into thoughts of today
And created the the type of magic that brings motion into my pen
And instills life into my words over and over again.

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