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Beautiful Love Poems

My Heart & Soul Claim You

Author: Johnny Thermidor

You have promised a new life to me,
You have promised to satisfy my needs,
Humble flower of all my dreams,
The most essential deed of my dreams!
Even though sometimes I could be sad,
I can be impressed by your aimless furies,
But I’m still attracted by your smooth love.
Assuage me with your romantic words!
Cajole me with your soft, tender voice,
Remain always very close to me.
Allow me to judge my reactions.
I’m still waiting for your forgiveness.
Thus, I’m imploring you painfully,
Honourable Rose of my worships,
The one who makes my heart vibrate,
The only one my restless soul claims,
So far, I’m running out of options.
My heart is craving for your love,
My soul, in other hand, is questing for you
Will you think of returning close to them?

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