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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Cutie

This gentle place is where I go
To escape torments of life
A gentle place it is although
That shuts out bitter strife.
This gentle place, where I go
On Earth, with heaven above
I find myself searching
For my one and only love
Within this gentle place of mine,
Where I shall close my eyes
Using judgment purely Divine
Not fooled by simple disguise.
In this gentle place of mine
I see him oh more clearly
The most loving man on Earth
I give my heart sincerely.
Like the whisper of an angel,
His words put my soul at rest
It is then, at that very moment
I know I’m truly blessed.
To feel his breath upon my skin,
And the sweet taste of his kiss
I find myself lost within
I feel nothing but pure bliss.
His touch, as soft as a feather
Tracing the path of my desire
The touch bringing us closer together
To join our passionate fire
His lips upon my naked flesh
I’m lost within the second
Our burning bodies begin to mesh
The beauty of the flowers beckoned.
And it is at that very minute
When all time shall be stilled
With only him and me in it
All our fantasies fulfilled.
Gazing in each others eyes
Where true happiness exists
All sadness and loneliness dies
And heartache is dismissed.
It is you, my darling man
That is my great escape
From all the bitterness of the world
You are my gentle place.

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