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Beautiful Love Poems

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Author: Linda Merrill

Seasons of my life,
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
I’ve held the emotions
And felt them all
Spring, of new beginnings
Summer of hot desires
Fall a comfort zone
Winter, family and friends
Of all of these
I feel within you
Like a calendar of each day
Each day a new mark
Of what I haven’t had
Of what I have forgotten
All given as a beautifully wrapped package
Each day open with surprise
How do I forget
How do I move on
Like a Winters snow
The flakes just keep falling
Each one a delight on my face
Trying to catch them on my tongue
To taste for one moment
A feeling of delight
I thank you for each moment
A new memory with each day that comes
Holding on as tight as I can
Hoping to never let go.

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