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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Candi

I could look at your face forever
I could hold your hand for all time.
If I could have one granted wish,
it would be that you are mine.
I dream about you all the time
and they way you look at me.
I love hearing you whisper “goodnight”
I love you so much, can’t you see?
That I’m crazy for your smile,
and your beautiful glossy eyes.
And when you hang with me
you don’t need to find a disguise.
You’re real around me and I love it.
I love everything you do.
I can’t bare to be separated,
so I’ll stick to you like glue.
I could look at your face forever
I could hold you in my heart for all time.
So there’s only one question left for you to answer,
will you please be mine?

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