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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Roger E. Eubanks

I want to remember when our souls
were entwined into one spirit.
I remember the soft touch of your breast
and the heavenly bliss into which I soared.
I think of you as we explore passions of love
so hot that fires rage within our souls.
I remember as we touched each other
in ways that only lovers can.
The passions that lift our souls into the heavens
will live forever in our hearts.
Our hearts will soar higher
than the highest mountain,
yes and even higher than the eagle.
Our quest for love has given peace
within our hearts and tranquillity never dreamed.
Our love will satisfy our deepest desires
and our hearts will melt into one.
Let us remember the lust of our flesh
is the lust of our heart and soul,
for when we are as one
then our spirits shall soar within
the heavens and only peace can dwell within our souls.

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