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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Amanda Norton

Love is something that is not easily explained
No one word can express it
And no one person feels the same about it
It’s waking up in the morning wanting to be with that one person
And going to bed feeling the same way
It’s knowing that you want to spend the rest of your life with him
And it’s a feeling so great that no matter what anyone says will never be taken away
It’s crying every night when the one you love doesn’t love you back
It’s feeling that pain in your heart when you lose that one person.
But to just hear those three little words come from his mouth
And actually know he means it
That’s the best feeling in the world
To know that someone loves you for you
And wants to be with you forever
Love is hard to find, and even harder to keep
It takes time and effort to keep it going
But you don’t mind because you would do anything in the world to keep it
It’s knowing that when you come home you’ll have someone to share your day with
It’s that last conversation of the night before you fall asleep
He’s the first one you want when you wake up
The only thing that’s on your mind all day, every day
It’s knowing that someone’s always there for you to cry on
Someone’s always there for you to talk to about anything
And won’t judge you for that
It’s the person you feel the most comfortable with in the world
And to know that you have that
That you share that special bond with one other person
That’s the best feeling in the world.
But when you lose that feeling
When you lose the only thing that ever mattered to you
It seems like life has no purpose, no point at all
You feel like you could just curl up and die
That nothing or no one else matters to you
And the only thing that you’ve ever wanted is now gone
And you will do anything to get him back,
Because he’s worth it
You’ll try and try until one day you realize
That things will never be the same again.
Your love is still there, deep inside of you
So you try your best to just be friends,
And it works for a while
But the feelings are still there
And no matter how hard you try friend will never be good enough
So you want to forget about him, but that’s even harder
There’s too many memories, to many good times to just forget
And no matter what you do, he’s always there
Everywhere you look, everything you do, every place you go,
Every song you hear, every guy you see
Reminds you of him
And you hope some day you’ll be back together
But until then there’s nothing you can do
But sit and cry, to go through that pain when he talks about
Another girl he likes, or how good his life is going
And that pain breaks your heart day after day
Tear after tear, until you have no mores tears to cry
Until you just get used to that hole in your heart that won’t go away,
That pain that never leaves you
That lonely feeling that stays with you forever
And you may have other guys, but nothing or no one could ever compare, and you know that.

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