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Beautiful Love Poems


Author: Robert Kyle Newton

Like the nights before today,
The memories of you and me haunts me again like yesterday,
Tomorrow will bring more sorrow,
Of the love that I see no more,
The morning sun that rises brings no longer the ray of light,
Hiding itself behind the clouds,
The nights that felt so warm before,
Now cold and harsh,
I searched my soul to find myself,
And the journey never seemed to end,
For I lost it not in me,
But I lost it in you,
The mornings will never be the same,
The evenings only brings me more pain,
Only when I close my eyes,
Can the storms calm itself,
For it is when you are in my arms,
Where you whispers those words of love I long to hear,
Where you heal me with your touch,
Where my dreams are reality.

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