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Beautiful Love Poems

I Never Thought

This poem is about an unexpected love. A love that came which started a new beginning for someone else. It’s a simple but life changing.

A love that lead someone to the right path, to the path where life is more colorful, fun, and exciting. Especially, a life to share with the half your soul.

Someone to build the future with and make all dreams come true. Someone you met and fell in love with, a love to last a whole lifetime to eternity.

Fall in love more, breathe in comforting words of love from our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: William Thomas Kinsey

What I say may sound silly now
but you’ll find it to be true;
I never thought that when we met
I would fall in love with you.
You are my new beginning,
you’re the door to life beyond;
you’re all that I could ever want
or ever need to carry on.
You’re the future I have dreamed of,
you’re a new and brighter day;
with you, there is no looking back,
the past can fade away.
Though I haven’t known you very long
you’ll find all I’ve said is true;
I never thought that when we met
I would fall in love with you.
Now you are, and always be,
my dear love, for all eternity.

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