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Beautiful Love Poems


My love for you is not typical, falling so hard the first time I set my eyes on you. It was a love, a quiet one, it came to me without me knowing.

My love for you was calm, a warm cup of coffee I’d have when the morning has come. It was like a trickle of rain last night, comforting me as I close my eyes to dream away.

I love you, yes this is true. My heart calls for your name and it’s wishing for you to come home. To hold me close to your arms again.

My love for you is like a love letter, simple but honest. Full of beautiful words just like the collection of poems here at 1Love Poems.

Author: Wade Riggle

It wasn’t love at first sight,
it came to me late at night,
when my soul was filled with life’s plight,
that was when I saw your light.
I knew you were who I’d been searching for,
the reason I had stepped from the door,
you were my personal goddess to the core,
you were what I wanted/needed and more.
I wrote of my love for you,
and I went insane before it was through,
but when the time was past due,
I confessed it all in a pew.
You told me how wondrful it was,
that my love was sent form above,
more beautiful than a soaring dove,
and it fit you as a glove.
But you just didn’t feel that way,
and you didn’t talk to me the next day,
and in you decision I had no say,
I merely stood lonely at the bay.
I am down on my knees,
begging you to hear my plea,
hoping that you will see,
what you are doing to me.
I’d be your slave, if you so desired,
for you are the one I’ve always admired,
yet you threw me to the fire,
and my situation is dire.
I love you – you are my all,
but I still walk alone in life’s hall,
while your shadow is cast over me tall,
and I hear my heart’s call.
So, my own goddess, hear my prayer,
it may not sound fair,
but you are my one and only care,
and this pain I can no longer bare.
So come to me at night,
as did your light,
to end my horrible plight,
I swear to you, it will be a wonderful sight.

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