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Beautiful Love Poems


Did you know that all beautiful songs and melodies come from a loving heart? All those words giving soft nudges to your soul feel amazing.

It is love that can see you through all the challenges and stormy weathers, a hand that holds you through the raging night until the morning light.

Looking into your special someone’s loving eyes can make you conquer the world and know that when you get tired, you’ll have a home to go to.

All those heavenly words of love, give them to her, your one true love. Get your words going by reading through 1Love Poems’ collection of poems.

Author: Mike Lewis

The sweetest melodies are those sung from the heart.
The softest harmonies are when two souls mend together.
Why then do people say it’s love that tears them apart?
When it’s with love that you can stand the stormy weather.
When I met you, Spring was here, and the birds were nesting.
I looked into your soft eyes and saw the prettiest smile.
Heaven pulled down her vail and offered her most sacred blessing.
I’ve met an angel, I couldn’t help but to smile.
Sittting by the pool of life, reflecting upon it’s surface,
I think of others and I get a little ripple.
I think of you, and a wave swells, spraying my face.
You said you wouldn’t cry, but I see the tears start to trickle.
Some people don’t believe in love at first sight,
Obviously they haven’t seen you.
Drifting on love’s endless blissful flight,
I’m so glad I met you.

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