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Beautiful Love Poems

Graceful Wedding

A special day to take vows, a new start of a chapter for two lives. It may seem like a single day for some, but for two hearts that beat as one, it’s a day to remember for the rest of their lives.

To walk down the aisle, a smile waiting for you, and a hand to take yours. A day to forever, a wedding day to remember.

One of the most beautiful days to remember, a celebration of two lives turning to one.

For the vows to be given, words love to be shared. Read through our poem collection here at 1Love Poems to help you come up with the right words.

Author: Steven Robles

A blossoming whorl of parting lips
Sweet fragrance breathes from petal tips
As nectar seeps from every leaf
Moist and soft in a bouquet motif.
Bathed in a spray of baby breath
Imparting hues of warmer depth
To her bosom she doth embrace
Ginger Roses, white gown – so full of grace.
She begins her walk at regal pace
Down the aisle toward his smiling face
An exchange of ancient sacred vows
Welds their souls together now.

Then over her shoulder the Roses she flings
Caught by the next whose heart will sing
And so the magic Roses so true
Confer their grace to someone new.

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