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Beautiful Love Poems

Forever The Bonds

Be that shining hope at the end of the line, the comfort and soft embrace at the end of a long day. Be someone’s love and make them believe that there is forever — that forever is not just a word, devoid of meaning.

Be someone’s forever bond — a love to last not just a lifetime, but all lifetimes to come. Let love grow, stem and blossom to forever. Be that one true love that someone’s been waiting for.

Forever may seem like a long time to wait for, but these words of love from our collection of poems here at 1Love Poems will help you get through another day until your forever love comes your way.

Author: Hope Smith

Whenever you are down
Remember I am here
Hoping to lift spirits
With loving cheer
In the good times or bad
Love always remains
With forever bonds
My heart contains
Here if ever you need me
I want to let you know
Seeds of friendship
Continue to grow
Its the bright rays of hope
You shall come to see
Nothing will replace
Friendship loyalty
Promises are guaranteed
No matter how far apart
I will keep you always
Close to my heart.

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