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Beautiful Love Poems

Forever Love

Forever may seem a complex word, especially for those who have been waiting for it, a love that hasn’t come their way yet.

Every single day could be tough, it can be dragging and lonely. But always believe that everything is possible in love — there’s a chance of finding your forever because a new day is a new chance to start again and a new road to meeting your one true love.

When you meet your one true love to spend forever with, tell them words of love and get your inspiration from reading through our collection of love poems here at 1Love Poems today.

Author: Adam Matthew Stein

I never asked
For a blessing like you.
Like I’ve spoken to God
And my wishes came true.
I asked for a person
To love and to hold.
To be loyal and faithful
Not angry and cold.
God placed you on Earth
As I quested to find,
The one who would be there
So sweet and so kind.
In my wildest dreams
I would have denied.
That something so perfect
Could at all be supplied.
You have such a sweet face
But you are so much more.
You’re my friend and I love you.
Your flaws I ignore.
With this small, simple statement
I give you and pray,
That you’ll love me forever,
And forever you’ll stay.

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