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Beautiful Love Poems


Keep on dreaming if it helps you feel love, more and more each day. It’s okay to close your eyes and let feelings sink into your veins and let it radiate to your heart.

Have you found the person who makes you want to wake up from that dream and take your hands, walk towards reality?

It might be true, that dreamtime love is for you and if that’s the case, then this poem if perfect for you.

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Author: Dieter ‘DJ’ Leemans

Some say dreams are what they are
Emotions take both near and far
They say the heart is a burning place
Like love knows many ways
Dreams can hold the truth inside
Hint you what good things you hide
yet dreams are what they are
A truth as eternal as a single star
Yet I found love through my dreams
To me they were true so it seems
Because I believed more than the screams
Dreamtime love, love is reality
My sweet one, you are my love to me
I love you, more than as a sweet memory.

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