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Beautiful Love Poems


In your dreams, he walks towards you, looks into your eyes, gives you that warm smile, and held your hand with no intention of letting go.

But if love is deeper than any other dreams you ever have, then would you still want to sleep and continue on dreaming?

Write him words of love — something to let him know that there was someone who once loved him, someone who once cared. Gather your thoughts and strength.

Read through our collection of love poems here at 1Love Poem and trust your heart that love is as real as any dreams you’ll have.

Author: Shannon Michaela Jaworski

I see ribbons of ecstasy
when you’re sleeping.
You seduce me in slumber
as you dream beautiful dreams.
Currents of adoration surge through me
as I watch you breathe in peace,
And I synchronize my breaths with yours
in my own awakened dream.
I want to rest with you,
but I am too busy gazing at you
with the deepest of loves.
I bend forward, touch my lips to yours
with the softest of kisses
in the most fantastical fashion.
As I arise you smile as though
it were only a part of your dream.
I watch you rest some more,
until I sit beside you
and hold your gentle hands.
Then I lie beside you
and wrap your warm, relaxed body
in my arms and I close my eyes,
waiting to dream with you.

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