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Beautiful Love Poems


To describe love is like being in a dream, something that is not tangible but close enough to feel. Will you just sleep forever if you dream about love over and over?

Or will you wake up and fathom what’s reality, the reality of love? Will you embrace the morning when it comes running to you?

Do you look for a face in a crowd to take you closer to home? To show you that life is worth every waking second.

Write about love and how it makes you feel alive even when dreaming. Scroll through 1Love Poems’ collection today and start writing away.

Author: Tom

I wish I could describe you
You’re nothing but a dream
Leaving me nothing to hold onto
I feel like I could scream
I would sleep forever
Just to dream you again
Oh, can’t you come to me
To free me of this pain?
I’m lying on my bed again
Waiting to fall asleep
To spend another night with you
To explore this ocean deep
I’m back in our world, I’m happy again
I see you there, and you whisk me away
And then like a bird, the time flies by
The morning arrives, much to my dismay
I cry out loud as you fade away
Begging desperately for the night to stay
My eyes open, and I close them again
Hoping to see your face for once, but nay
Again, left with nothing but the thought
That if I were to die and go to the heaven
I’d beg to live a night with you instead
After that, I’d never think of you in vain
If only I could see your face for once
If only I could feel your touch
I’d tell you how much I love you
Is that really asking for too much?

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