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Beautiful Love Poems

Don’t Leave

Do you feel it? The part where you and your loved one will part ways and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from happening?

Do you have a lot of things left unsaid and all you wanted to do is let him know — not just how much you love him but how much your wold will fell apart when you both go on separate ways?

Oh, leaving — the thought of it and the reality that hits you when the day has finally come when you have to face each day alone.

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Author: Femi Escalante

What would I do if you leave?
I’d miss you, I believe
That’s what I’d do if you leave
Emotions are kept under my sleeve
So my prayers to you I’d give
Please stay a bit longer
For I may see you again never
And you leaving isn’t for the better
Surely I’d miss you sooner or later
Everyday I miss you more and more
It makes my heart feel so sore
Thinking of the way things were,
I’d like to go back
to the times we had before.

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