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The One Ring’s Curse: Lord of the Rings Poems

Journeys through Middle Earth: A Collection of Lord Of The Rings Poems

Welcome to our collection of Lord of the Ring poems! Here at 1LovePoems, we are thrilled to showcase a range of poetic pieces inspired by the epic franchise. From ballads to sonnets to free verse, our collection features a variety of styles and themes that capture the magic and adventure of Middle Earth. Whether you’re a die-hard Tolkien fan or simply enjoy exploring the beauty of literature, we’ve got a poem for you. So grab your cloak, sharpen your sword, and embark on a journey through our Lord of the Ring poetry page!

Short Poems

1. “The Fellowship”

Nine walked forth to Mount Doom’s fate,
A journey of great weight.
With hobbits, dwarves, and men in tow,
To stand against darkness’ flow.

2. “The Ringbearer”

Frodo Baggins, brave and true,
Bore the ring, a heavy burden to pursue.
With Samwise by his side,
He fought against the dark’s tide.

3. “The Return”

Victory won after much strife,
The ring destroyed, and evil’s life.
Aragorn crowned king of all,
The realm’s peace now stood tall.

4. “The Grey Pilgrim”

Gandalf, wizard, old and wise,
A friend to all, fair and kind.
To Middle-earth he returned,
A guiding light that justly shined.

Medium Poems

1. The Fellowship
Nine came forth, united in heart,
To bear the Ring and play their part,
Against the darkness of the land,
They marched on with sword in hand.

From hobbits small to elven grace,
They fought together, face to face,
Against the armies of the night,
They stood tall, refusing to take flight.

Through snowy peaks and burning plains,
They journeyed on, overcoming pains,
And in the end, they forged their fate,
The Ring destroyed, peace to the land they gave.

2. The Ringwraiths
Black riders on horses of night,
With swords of terror and eyes of fright,
They hunted the Ring, forever seeking,
Their master’s will, always speaking.

From Mordor’s gates, they came forth,
Bringing death and fear, forever north,
Through forest and city, they pursued,
Their victims helpless, forever subdued.

In the end, they met their doom,
Their power broken, their souls consumed,
And the land was freed from their tyranny,
Thanks to the courage and bravery of the company.

3. The Shire
A land of green, a place of peace,
Where hobbits roamed, and joy increased,
With gardens bright and laughter gay,
A home for those who chose to stay.

From Bag End to Brandywine,
The Shire was always fine,
A place of simple pleasures true,
The halcyon days for those who knew.

But even here, darkness crept in,
As evil sought the Ring within,
And heroes rose to defend their home,
Protecting the Shire, so they could roam.

Long Poems

The Journey of the Ring

In Middle-Earth, where darkness falls,
The fate of all, the ring recalls;
A power strong, a power true,
But in the wrong hands, what will ensue?

The ring was found by Bilbo Baggins,
A hobbit kind, with gentle passions;
But when the wizard Gandalf looked within,
He saw the truth, the ring’s dark kin.

Thus began the journey of the ring,
To Rivendell, where danger did cling;
Fellowship was forged, and vows were made,
Nine companions strong, and unafraid.

The journey led through Moria’s halls,
A place of darkness, where fear enthralls;
The Balrog lurked, a demon of fire,
A battle ensued, with strength and desire.

The fellowship lost its wizard and friend,
But they continued on, until the end;
On toward the land of Mordor,
The ring they sought, forevermore.

The journey was long, with many trials,
With orcs and trolls and other vile denials;
But through it all, they held their ground,
With bravery and courage, they astound.

In Minas Tirith, a battle was waged,
The armies of Sauron, they engaged;
But with the ring destroyed, and Sauron’s defeat,
Peace was restored, and Middle-Earth could breathe.

The journey of the ring was long and hard,
But through it all, they played their part;
In the end, their sacrifice was made,
For Middle-Earth, they had saved.

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