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Aging and Death

Wanting to Die: A Collection of Heartfelt Poems (49 character)

?Desperate Words: Poems About Life and Death?

Welcome to our page of poems about wanting to die! While it may seem like a bleak topic, we can assure you that our selection of poems showcases a range of emotions and perspectives. From humorous and witty to dark and introspective, these poems offer a unique glimpse into the human experience. So, whether you’re feeling down or just curious about the topic, we invite you to explore our collection and discover something new. Just remember, even in the darkest of moments, there is always hope.

Short Poems

1. “The Darkness Pulls”
The darkness pulls at me
I long for eternal peace
The light is too bright
I’m tired of the fight

2. “Oceans of Sorrow”
I’m drowning in oceans of sorrow
My heart feels so heavy, like lead
The pain is too much to bear
I wish I could just go to bed

3. “Lifeless”
My body feels lifeless and numb
Like a flower with no sun to grow
I’m tired of the suffocating pain
I want to let myself go

4. “Silent Screams”
My silent screams go unheard
My pain is hidden from view
I wish someone could see
The struggles I go through.

Medium Poems

Here I am, broken and torn,
Yearning for a way to be reborn,
The pain I feel is oh so real,
I wish for death to set me free

The darkness creeps around my soul,
As I lose sight of any goal,
The light I seek has gone astray,
And death seems like the only way

Oh, let me go, and let me be,
Please grant me the sweet release,
From this world and all its pain,
Let me find peace once again.

The Weight of the World
The weight of the world is too much to bear,
I can’t go on, it’s just not fair,
The sadness that consumes me is hard to hide,
As I yearn to leave this world behind.

The darkness whispers in my ear,
Telling me there’s nothing left to fear,
To close my eyes and let it go,
But I’m afraid of what I don’t know.

I try to hold on for just one more day,
But the pain won’t go away,
The thought of death brings me solace now,
As I contemplate taking my final bow.

Fading Away
My heart feels heavy, my soul feels weak,
As I lay here waiting for death to greet,
The tears that flow are of bitter regret,
Of a life unfulfilled, and dreams now dead.

My body aches and my mind is numb,
As I stare into the abyss, painfully glum,
The thought of leaving is now so clear,
As I ponder what I hold so dear.

I wish to fade away into the night,
To leave this pain behind, take flight,
And find a place where I can rest,
In eternal peace and eternal blessedness.

Long Poems

The Void

I wake up each day, with a deep longing inside,
The thought of living, just makes me want to hide,
Each breath feels like a burden, dragging me down,
All I can remember, is a constant frown.

I don’t want to live, in this world so cruel,
Where every step forward, is just a push into a pool,
Of pain and suffering, I can’t find a way out,
All I see is darkness, drowning my every doubt.

I want to take leave, from this world so bleak,
To escape the horror, to find solace that I seek,
To find a release, from the pain that I bear,
To leave behind the struggle, and the depth of despair.

The thought of death, now seems like a gift,
I can finally find peace, without any rift,
With every passing day, the void inside grows,
I can’t find a way out, as it continually shows.

The weight of the world, feels too much to bear,
My soul is drained, of every ounce of care,
I’m tired of the battles, that keep me awake,
All I really want, is for the pain to not take.

I wish for an end, to this endless pain,
The thought of death, no longer seems insane,
The comfort of nothingness, seems like a friend,
A way out of this cycle, that never seems to end.

But every day, something keeps me here,
Unknown yet present, although somewhat unclear,
Maybe it’s the hope, that things will get better,
Or maybe it’s just fear, of the unknown after.

Either way, I’m trapped, in a world of strife,
A world that has left me, alone with my life,
Maybe one day, the void will go away,
And I’ll find myself, in a much better way.

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