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Abuse and Recovery

Scars of Pain: Self Harm Poems

Scarred but Strong: Self Harm Poems of Survival and Healing

Welcome to our page dedicated to self harm poems! While it may seem like a heavy topic, we promise to sprinkle in some wit and humor to lighten the mood. Our collection showcases a range of poems that touch on this sensitive subject. From reflections on the pain of self harm to triumphant stories of overcoming it, we hope these poems offer solace to those who may be going through a tough time. So grab a cuppa, get cozy and dive into our selection of self harm poems.

Short Poems

I trace my scars with shaking hands
A map of pain, a story of demands
Each one a reminder of a moment lost
A visible testament to the emotional cost

The Temptation
The temptation lingers in the air
A whispered promise to hide the despair
A deadly dance of pleasure and pain
A temporary escape, a lasting stain

The rush of pain, the release of fear
A twisted addiction, a silent tear
A pattern I can’t seem to break
A cycle of destruction, a constant ache

Hope whispers in the darkest night
A glimmer of possibility, a guiding light
A path to healing, a chance to start anew
A chance to heal and rediscover what is true.

Medium Poems

Scars in Silence

Once upon a time,
I learned to cope with pain
In a way that’s not sublime
And left my heart in vain.

I cut my skin with razor blades
And watched as blood dripped down
My tears flowed unafraid
As the scars became my crown.

I hid them well from prying eyes
And tried to ignore the shame
But still, it came as no surprise
When no one asked my name.

I wish I could turn back time
And find a different way
To deal with all the hurt inside
And forget the scars in silence.

Bleed Me Dry

I want to bleed my pain away
And leave it all behind
I want to feel the cuts today
And lose my fragile mind.

I know it’s wrong but can’t help it
The pain becomes my friend
It’s like a dark and deadly hit
That brings me to the end.

I slice my skin, and watch it bleed
And feel the rush inside
I know it’s not what I should need
But it’s where I always hide.

I want to stop but can’t control
The urge to harm myself
I want to live, but my soul
Is trapped in this dark cell.

So let me bleed, let me die
And take away the fear
Let me feel alive tonight
And hide the scars in tears.

Broken Inside

I am broken inside
Beyond repair or care
I try to hide the pain inside
But it’s always there.

I go through days like whispers
And nights like endless screams
I close my eyes and try to forget
But nothing is as it seems.

I cut my scars and watch them bleed
And feel my heart so cold
I know it’s not what I should need
But it’s what I’ve been told.

I wish I could find a way
To heal the wounds inside
And stop the scars from every day
And leave the pain behind.

But for now, I’ll just cope
With this broken heart of mine
And cut the scars, and hide the hope
Until I’m free to shine.

Long Poems

The Abyss within Me

The abyss within me is an ocean of pain
A chaos so dark that it drives me insane
It’s a storm that rages inside my mind
And tears apart my spirit, leaving me blind

The cuts that I make on my skin
Are a way to let my emotions in
A plea for help, a cry for attention
A desperate attempt to ease the tension

I carve away at myself with a razor’s edge
Slicing through skin, ignoring the pledges
Of love and care that I’ve been given
Leaving my friends and family driven

To worry and fret over my health
As I slowly sink into the abyss’s stealth
All they see is a broken soul
A shattered mess of a half-empty bowl

But they don’t see the beauty within
The chaos and pain that’s not a sin
For it’s the fire that fuels my desire
To find a light amidst the mire

So I keep carving away at my skin
Hoping that one day I’ll find the win
The day when the abyss’s storm subsides
And I can finally say I’ve found my tides

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