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Trusting Love: Poems About Trusting Your Heart

Trust in Love: Poems of Faith and Belief

Welcome to the trusty page of 1LovePoems! We’ve collected some poetic pieces that will help you navigate the tricky road of trust. From trusting yourself to trusting others, we’ve got a range of poems that cover it all. So, have a read, and who knows, you might just find the trust you’ve been looking for!

Short Poems

1. “Broken Promise”
You promised to always be true
But with every lie, the trust withdrew
Now broken and shattered, it’s hard to mend
Once strong and unbreakable, now hard to defend

2. “Earning Trust”
Trust isn’t given, it must be earned
Actions louder than words, that’s what we’ve learned
Consistent and honest, day by day
Trust can’t be bought, or forced to stay

3. “Betrayal”
Betrayed by someone we thought we knew
The pain and hurt cuts right through
Flashbacks consume, trust is out of sight
Moving on from betrayal, a painful fight

4. “The Power of Trust”
A bond so strong, it can move mountains
Quiet yet powerful, like flowing fountains
Building bridges, connecting hearts
A foundation of trust, where love never departs.

Medium Poems

Broken Trust

Betrayed by one who was close,
Left with feelings of hurt and loss.
Words spoken, promises made,
Only to discover a deceitful charade.

Once trust was strong and true,
Now shattered like broken glass.
A heart left wounded and bruised,
Left to ask, how long will this feeling last?

How do you rebuild a love betrayed,
Can trust ever be regained?
The wounds may heal with time’s aid,
But the scars remain.

Once again, will faith be placed,
In someone who comes with promises anew?
Or will the fear of broken trust replace,
The hope of finding love true?

A Trusting Heart

To trust someone with all your heart,
Is a leap of faith that can be hard.
But the rewards of a trusting heart,
Are plentiful, abundant and far.

A smile that comes with true connection,
A sense of security that brings peace.
A bond that strengthens with affection,
The love that grows with ease.

A trusting heart is not without risk,
As with all things that matter most.
But to let fear and doubt persist,
Is to miss out on love’s ultimate toast.

So take the risk and trust your heart,
For love is worth the chance.
And let the experiences of life impart,
The wisdom that comes from taking a stance.

To trust is to love without restraint,
To give your all without fear or doubt.
And in the end, what will remain,
Is a heart filled with love that never runs out.

Long Poems

Trust Is Fragile

Trust is like a delicate glass
That shatters without a sincere mass
One crack, one chink, one tiny jolt
And the entire trust can come to a halt.

You can build it brick by brick
But one false move, it won’t click.
Trust is a tender garden that needs care
If left unattended, it can wither and bear.

Trust is not a one-way street
It’s a mutual bond where neither must cheat
It takes two to tango, two to trust
Otherwise, it’s a betrayal that turns to dust.

Trust can’t be handed out like candy
It grows and nurtures within a family
It’s an intangible gift that is priceless
It’s the glue that binds us and makes us limitless.

But it’s not a guarantee, nor is it assured
It can be broken, trampled, and ignored
It needs protection, respect, and love
To keep it flourishing, and never be shoved.

So cherish the trust you have in your heart
Don’t let it break, don’t let it depart
It’s a precious gem that’s rare to find
Once shattered, it won’t be easy to bind.

Trust is the Glue

Trust is the glue that binds us tight,
Makes our hearts feel light and bright.
Without it, we’re lost, adrift at sea,
Uncertain of what tomorrow might be.

Trust is the foundation of any bond,
Without it, we’d soon grow fond
Of lies, deceit, and treachery,
Of backstabbing and duplicity.

Trust is the key to any love affair,
Without it, there’s no love to share,
For love without trust is nothing but lust,
A temporary passion that soon goes bust.

Trust is what makes business work,
Without it, we’d all go berserk,
For trust is the bedrock of commerce,
The oil that makes the wheels turn.

Trust is what makes friends stand by,
Through thick and thin, till we die,
For friends without trust are fair-weather,
And soon fade away like a feather.

Trust is what makes us feel secure,
In a world that’s full of allure,
For trust is what makes us hold on,
When everything else seems gone.

Trust is what gives us peace of mind,
In a world that’s ever unkind,
For trust is what makes us believe,
That there’s still some good left, we achieve.

So let’s cherish trust and nurture it well,
For it’s what makes life a living hell,
Without it, we’re nothing and no one,
And in the end, we all come undone.

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