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Reflecting Love: A Collection of Mirror Poems on Relationships

Reflections of the Soul: A Collection of Mirror Poems

Welcome to our Mirror Poems page! Here, you’ll find a reflection of the many ways love can be expressed through verse. From sweet and sappy to funny and ironic, we’ve got a range of poems to suit all tastes.

Whether you’re looking for a mirror to your own romantic experiences, or just want to indulge in some poetic voyeurism, you’re in the right place. We’ve collected some of the best mirror-themed love poems from around the web, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the reflections. Who knows, you might even find a love as true as your own reflection!

Short Poems

1. “Reflections”
The mirror reflects
My flaws and imperfections
I strive for perfection
Yet see my true self

2. “The Looking Glass”
The looking glass shows
A window to my soul
Emotions laid bare
A true reflection of me

3. “Mirrored Realities”
The mirror shows me
A world that’s upside down
Parallel universe
Mirrored realities clash

4. “Broken Reflection”
The broken mirror
Reflects a shattered image
Pieces of my soul
Scattered in every direction

Medium Poems

1. “Reflections”
In the mirror, I see a distant ghost,
A version of myself I used to know,
With eyes that once were full of hope, engrossed
In dreams that seemed too great to let them go.

But time has passed and now I stand alone,
Still staring at the same old face, and yet,
I know that I have grown and I have known
The joys and sorrows life has to beget.

The mirror shows a picture of the past,
A fleeting glimpse of what can never last,
But as I look, I realize at last
That all I need is inside me, steadfast.

2. “Mirage”
In the desert, I saw a mirage,
A shimmering vision of an oasis,
A place where I could finally take charge
And quench my thirst with water full of traces

Of life and hope and all that I desired,
But as I reached the place, it disappeared,
Leaving me with nothing but the fire
Of the sun that scorched and burned and seared.

Yet still I wandered on, in search of hope,
A dream that takes us where we need to go,
A vision that will help us to elope
From all the things that make our hearts feel low.

3. “Illusion”
In the city, I saw an illusion,
A glittering world of lights and sound and art,
A place where life was just a grand collision
Of dreams, desires, and things that touched the heart.

But as I walked the streets and saw the sights,
I realized that everything was fake,
A trick, a lie, a thief of all our rights,
A mask that hides the truth and makes us ache.

For in the end, reality is grim,
A world of pain and struggle and defeat,
A place where all our chances seem so slim,
And victory is always incomplete.

Yet still we dream, and hope, and fight,
For in the darkness, there must be a light.

Long Poems

Reflections in Time

Time flows like a river, moving and never still,
And as it rushes forward, memories it will spill.
Reflecting back on moments that we once held dear,
Through the looking glass of time, our memories appear.

We stand before a mirror, staring at our reflection,
And ponder on the changes, in each and every direction.
The lines that mark our faces, the greying of the hair,
Remind us of the journey, that we have come to share.

Reflecting back on youth, when life was filled with dreams,
And all the possibilities, lay ripe as ripened peaches and creams.
The years have passed so swiftly, the carefree days are gone.
But pieces of our hearts and souls, still linger and live on.

Reflecting back on love, the purest of all emotions,
And how the intensity, brought forth such deep devotion.
The trials and the triumphs, the giving and receiving,
A reflection of two souls, so beautifully interweaving.

Reflecting back on sorrow, the tears that we have shed,
The pain and the heartache, that we thought would never end.
But scars are simply footprints, of journeys once embarked,
And through each and every one, we were never truly apart.

Reflecting back on hope, that keeps us moving forward,
The promise of tomorrow, our spirits always soaring.
And when we stand before that mirror, what we’ll see is clear,
Reflections in time, of the beauty that we hold dear.

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