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Awakened Emotions: A Collection of Conscious Poems

Awakening the Heart: Conscious Poems for Mindful Living

Welcome to our Conscious Poems page! Here, we bring you a range of thought-provoking poems that will leave you pondering about life, love, and everything in between. From uplifting verses on environmentalism to powerful pieces that call for social change, our conscious poems will surely make you see things from a whole new perspective. So join us on this poetic journey and feed your mind with some soulful inspiration. Remember, being conscious is not a trend, it’s a way of life.

Short Poems

1. “Awareness”
In the stillness of the night,
I feel my heart’s gentle flight.
Watching my breath’s steady flow,
I sense my soul’s gentle glow.

2. “Mindfulness”
With each step and every breath,
I delve deeper into my self.
Conscious of my thoughts and feelings,
I embrace every moment’s dealings.

3. “Presence”
In this moment, I am whole,
As I let go of all that stole.
My mind is quiet, my heart is still,
My awareness a powerful thrill.

4. “Connection”
In the depths of my being,
I feel the energy of all things.
I am one with the earth and sky,
Connected to life’s eternal supply.

Medium Poems

Awake in the Night

In the dark of the night
I lie awake with thoughts so bright
My mind races like a shooting star
As I contemplate who and where we are

The noise of the day fades away
And my inner voice has so much to say
I puzzle over life’s big question
With searching eyes and deep reflection

It’s in these quiet moments that I find
The beauty and wonder of the human mind
The power of thought and imagination
That brings forth change and inspiration

So I’ll embrace this time of being still
To let my creativity have free will
For it’s in the darkness that true insight comes to light
And in these silent moments, I am most alive.

Mirrors of the Mind

In the mirrors of the mind
I find reflections of myself, intertwined
With memories of joy and pain
And the lessons learned that remain

I see the strength and courage I possess
The will to push through, the ability to progress
And yet my weakness and fears are also there
A reminder that life can be unfair

But in these mirrors, I also see others
The ones who love me, the sisters and brothers
Those who’ve touched my life with their kindness
And are woven into the fabric of my mindness

So I’ll keep gazing into these reflective pools
To keep learning and growing, break down and rebuild
For in the mirrors of the mind, I find
The beauty and complexity of humankind.

Long Poems


Deep within the depths of my soul,
There lies a whisper that I cannot control,
A voice that reminds me of my truest goal,
To live a life that is whole.

I’ve spent my days lost in the world’s noise,
Thinking that materialistic things would bring me joys,
But they only left me with an empty void.

It wasn’t until I woke up one day,
And decided to break away,
From the superficialities that led me astray,
That I truly felt alive and okay.

I opened my eyes and saw the beauty,
In the flowers, the trees, and the shining sun,
I realized that life was about love and unity,
Not about material gains and money.

I began to live each day with intention,
To do things that brought me satisfaction,
And to spread kindness without hesitation,
To those who needed affection.

And so, my spirit awoke,
From a slumber in which it had been cloaked,
I found freedom in the simple things,
And my heart began to sing.

Now, I live for each moment,
And treasure every sentiment,
Grateful for the enlightenment,
That led me to this contentment.

The Conscious Awakening

Deep within the fibers of my being
Lies a spark that’s slowly freeing
A flame that’s oh so bright
Illuminating even the darkest of night

A conscious awakening, a journey to pursue
Awareness of self, connections renewed
A shift in perception, a change in view
Unlocking the mysteries that once were few

In the stillness of the morning dew
I hear the whispers of the universe anew
The rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds
Symphonies of nature, songs without words

The sun rises and paints the skies
With hues of gold and orange and crimson dyes
A reminder that life is a canvas to paint
A tale of beauty, free from constraint

The wind takes me on a journey
Guiding me towards a deeper gurney
Where fears are faced and truths are found
And the ego is no longer bound

I dive deep into the recesses of my soul
Uncovering layers of emotions that had taken a toll
Healing wounds, replacing scars with love
Forgiveness and acceptance, gifts from above

The path is long, and the road is rough
But the journey is worth it, the reward is enough
For I have found my truth, my purpose, my voice
And my newfound freedom, I rejoice

The conscious awakening, a rite of passage
A journey of self-discovery, a conscious package
For in the end, it’s not the destination that matters
It’s the journey that builds and shapes the latter.

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