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Love rose

Beautiful short love poems love poetry from heart to heart. Through love poems you can express your cherished emotions to your sweetheart.
Short love poems which are mesmerizing and inspiring ...

    Peaceful Love

    There is peace in my soul
    For such a long awaited time
    There is love in my life
    A love of melody and rhyme.

    Once you took hold of my heart
    I knew no other could have reached
    As whispered fate took my hand
    To levels only you could reach.

    You in my life
    Will live eternally
    I knew the first night we met
    You were meant for me.

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Trying - Another sad poem
My Love Will Grow - Every moment of every day ...
Forever Yours - Short love poem from the heart.

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Love Poems - More love poems here.

Beautiful Wedding Poems - Truly beautiful wedding poems.

If you would like to suggest short love poems, just send them in!

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