Futa On Male – FUTA Goddess Candy

Author: Amelia Wrath

Candy was my server at a restaurant and she stuck out to me right away. She was gorgeous, blonde, and friendly to me. So friendly that I became suspicious of her. It wasn’t usual for such a pretty lady to give me her phone number without me having to do much other than to pay her a compliment.

I thought I saw a bulge in her pants, and I thought she might be a futa.

She admitted to me on the first date that she was a futa. Candy was worried, and nervous about it. I could tell that she had issues in the past with other men that weren’t as understanding. Luckily for her, and me, I liked her just the way she was. Nothing about her needed to be changed, and because she was able to tell me something in confidence, I felt comfortable enough revealing to her about my secret femdom fantasies.

Candy was the goddess that I needed. To worship her body, and show her my loyalty and my love. Tasting Candy was what I wanted my life to be about!

This is a short story between consenting, and legal aged characters. It is 4,500 words long.


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